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Strengthening Community Health Centers and Behavioral and Mental Health Organizations for the Long-term.

Real Skill-Building; 
Immediate Impact

At Sogence we have one focus -- to provide impactful and highly interactive virtual skill-building programs for managers and supervisors working in Federally Qualified Health Centers and other community health centers, behavioral and mental health organizations, and related health and human service organizations.

We understand that to make a real difference, training needs to be relevant, engaging, interactive, hands-on and immediately applicable. Our training delivers all that and more –- no wasted time, no fluff, no boring lectures -– just real skill-building in the areas that matter most!

Using Zoom video-conferencing, we truly replicate the “face-to-face” experience. Participants gain critical skills through dynamic, instructor-led learning, large and small group discussions, and hands-on team exercises using real-world scenarios. Our training provides crucial skill-building for immediate implementation.


Why Our Training Matters

Managers and supervisors play a pivotal role in the success of your organization as they drive daily operations, manage performance, and hire, coach, motivate and develop staff. Their impact is far-reaching, yet many have not had the opportunity to build key skills needed to successfully lead and manage employees, while others may be ready for a refresher.

Our intensive and engaging virtual training helps managers and supervisors at all levels build crucial skills to strengthen their teams and organizations for the long-term.

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Our Skill Building Programs

At Sogence, we offer a variety of trainings including “Core Competencies for Managers and Supervisors,” and our higher level training, “Beyond Core Competencies: Next Level Skills for Managers and Supervisors.” We also offer customized programs to meet your organization's specific needs.

Core Competencies for Managers and Supervisors

In this virtual, highly interactive and engaging "core" management skills program, managers and supervisors develop and strengthen critical skills necessary to successfully navigate their roles in today’s increasingly challenging health care environment.

Beyond Core Competencies: Next Level Skills For Managers and Supervisors

This dynamic, hands-on and highly interactive "next level" program moves beyond the core competencies required to effectively manage and supervise your team, and delves into higher-level areas of knowledge, practices and skills needed to be a great manager or supervisor at your organization.

Customized Programs

Sogence offers training in a wide range of
topics, focused to build critical management and supervisory skills for immediate implementation. We are happy to customize our programs to include the specific sessions that best fit your organization's needs.


Lisa Mouscher, CEO

Lisa Mouscher, CEO and Chief Learning Facilitator at Sogence, is a popular and dynamic trainer and facilitator known for strengthening individual, team and organizational performance. Lisa's extensive experience working with leaders, managers and staff from community health centers and other health and human service organizations, as well as her more than 20 years in management and human resources, have honed her ability to create dynamic and engaging learning environments where real skill-building occurs, leading to both immediate results and long-term gains. 

Additional Consultants:
Sogence contracts with a number of skilled consultants to enable us to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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